JHE,Vol. 30(1/2), 2001


Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium on Night and Shiftwork

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3 Preface Kazutaka Kogi

Innovative Strategies, Scheduling

Page Title Author
3 Healthy Shiftwork, Healthy Shiftworkers Kazutaka Kogi
9 Strategies for the Implementation of New Shift Systems Peter Knauth
15 The 24-hour Society between Myth and Reality Giovanni Costa
21 Interactive Computer Aided Shift Scheduling Johannes Gaertner
27 Flexible Work Hours, Health and Well-being in the European Union: Preliminary Data from a SALTSA Project Giovanni Costa, Torbjorn Åkerstedt, Friedhelm Nachreiner, Federica Baltieri, Simon Folkard, Monique Frings Dresen, Charles Gadbois, Johannes Gartner, Hiltraud Grzech Sukalo, Mikko Harma, Irja Kandolin, Jorge Silverio and Anabela Simoes
35 Flexible Working Hours and Well-being in Finland Irja Kandolin, Mikko Härmä and Minna Toivanen
41 The French 35-hour Workweek: a Wide-ranging Social Change Sophie Prunier-Poulmaire and Charles Gadbois
47 Flexible Working Time Systems ? The Process of Design and Implementation ? Kerstin Hänecke, Hiltraud Grzech-Sukalo and Corinna Jaeger
53 The Effects of Double-shifts (15.5 Hours) on Sleep, Fatigue and Health Göran Kecklund, Mirjam Ekstedt, Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Anna Dahlgren and Björn Samuelson
59 Predicting Shiftwork-related Outcomes: Shiftwork Locus of Control and Circadian Type Lawrence Smith, Paul Norman and Simon Folkard
65 The Effects of a Roster Schedule Change from 8- to 12-Hour Shifts on Health and Safety in a Mining Operation Angela Baker, Kathryn Heiler and Sally A. Ferguson
71 A Study of Nurse Scheduling in Japan Atsuko Ikegami and Akira Niwa
77 Balancing Flexibility for the Employer and the Employee: A Case Study of the Development of an Annualized Hours Employment Contracts Philip Tucker, Johannes Gaertner and Carl Mason
83 Reducing Night Shift Exposure: A Pilot Study of Rota, Night Shift and Age Effects on Sleepiness and Fatigue Lawrence Smith and Carl Mason

Risk Management

Page Title Author
89 Can We Predict Perceived Risk? Simon Folkard and Joanne Hill
97 Time on Task Effects on Safety Friedhelm Nachreiner
103 Prevention of Accidents by Transportation Shiftworkers Donald I. Tepas
107 Legal Issues in Accidents Caused by Sleepiness Shantha Rajaratnam
113 Health and Safety among Film Technicians Working Extended Shifts Madeleine Bourdouxhe and Georges Toulouse
119 Beneficial Effects on Employment and Preventive Health Care: The Concept and Results of Counseling Processes from a German Project Hiltraud Grzech-Sukalo, Kerstin Haenecke and Corinna Jaeger
125 Comparing the Effects of Fatigue and Alcohol Consumption on Locomotive Engineersf Performance in a Rail Simulator Gregory Roach, Jill Dorrian, Adam Fletcher and Drew Dawson
131 The Effects of Shiftwork on Driving to and from Work Alison Rogers, Sharon Holmes and Michael Spencer
137 Performance, Sleep and Circadian Phase During a Week of Simulated Night Work Nicole Lamond, Jill Dorrian, Gregory D. Roach, Helen Burgess, Alexandra L. Holmes,Kirsty McCulloch, Adam Fletcher and Drew Dawson
143 Sleepiness and Recovery in Schedule Change and the Eighty-four Hour Workweek Maria Nordin and Anders Knutsson
149 Cross-sectional Survey on Risk Factors for Insomnia in Japanese Female Hospital Nurses Working Rapidly Rotating Shift Systems Takayuki Kageyama, Noriko Nishikido, Toshio Kobayashi, Junko Oga and Mieko Kawashima

Industrial Development

Page Title Author
155 Shiftworkers in Developing Countries: Health and Well-being and Supporting Measures Frida Marina Fischer
161 Shiftwork in the Hot Environment Pranab Kumar Nag
167 Shift Work at a Modern Offshore Drilling Rig Valdo F. Rodriguez, Frida Marina Fischer and Mozar J. Brito
173 How a Small Enterprise Improved the Conditions of Night and Shift work Using Local Resources Ton That Khai, Tsuyoshi Kawakami and Kazutaka Kogi
179 Integrated Ergonomics Approach toward Designing Night and Shift Work in Developing Countries Based on Experiences in Bali, Indonesia Adnyana Manuaba
185 Support Measures to Improve Night and Shift Work Conditions in Thailand: A Case Study in a Glass Factory Chalermchai Chaikittiporn, Tsuyoshi Kawakami and Kazutaka Kogi

Sleep/Wake Rhythms, Biological Rhythms

Page Title Author
191 Measurement Properties of the Shiftwork Survey and Standard Shiftwork Index Carlla Smith, Robert Gibby, Michael Zickar, Craig Crossley, Chet Robie,Simon Folkard, Philip Tucker and Jane Barton
197 A 6-hour Working Day ? Effects on Health and Well-being Torbörn Åkerstedt, Birgitta Olsson, Michael Ingre, Mikael Holmgren and Göran Kecklund
203 Job Stress, Social Support at Work, and Insomnia in Japanese Shift Workers Akinori Nakata, Takashi Haratani, Masaya Takahashi, Norito Kawakami, HeihachiroArito, Yosei Fujioka, Hiroyuki Shimizu, Fumiko Kobayashi and Shunichi Araki
211 Sleepiness in a Population of Italian Shiftwork Policemen Sergio Garbarino, Fabrizio De Carli, Barbara Mascialino, Manolo Beelke, Lino Nobili, Sandro Squarcia, Maria Antonietta Penco and Franco Ferrillo
217 Shiftwork Locus of Control Effects in Police Officers Lawrence Smith and Carl Mason
223 Daytime Cardiac Autonomic Activity during One week of Continuous Night Shift Alexandra L.Holmes, Helen J. Burgess, Kirsty McCulloch, Nicole Lamond,Adam Fletcher, Jill Dorrian Gregory Roach and Drew Dawson
229 Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Variability in Workers of 8-hour Shifts Mina Ha, Jaiyong Kim, Jungsun Park and Ho Keun Chung
235 Heart Rate Variability during Long Truck Driving Work Shuji Sato, Kazushi Taoda, Masanori Kawamura, Kinzou Wakaba, Yasuma Fukuchi and Katsuo Nishiyama
241 Ultradian Rhythms in Processing Speed of Laterally Exposed Words and Pictures Irena Iskra-Golec
245 Circadian Temperature Rhythms in Clockwise and Counter-clockwise Rapidly Rotating Shift Schedules Thomas Nesthus, Crystal Cruz, Albert Boquet, Cristy Detwiler,Kali Holcomb and Pamela Della Rocco
251 Physiological Effects of Shift Work on Hospital Nurses Hazuki Yamauchi, Mieko Iwamoto and Noriaki Harada
255 A Week of Simulated Night work Delays Salivary Melatonin Onset Gregory D. Roach, Helen Burgess, Nicole Lamond, Jill Dorrian, Alexandra Holmes,Adam Fletcher, Kirsty McCulloch and Drew Dawson
261 The Effect of a Change in Sleep-wakefulness Timing, Bright Light and Physical Exercise Interventions on 24-hour Patterns of Performance, Mood and Body Temperature Irena Iskra-Golec, Magdalena Fafrowicz, Tadeusz Marek,Giovanni Costa, Simon Folkard, Jean Foret, Michael Kundi and Lawrence Smith
267 Psychophysiological Effects of a Brief Nocturnal Light Exposure Jeffrey N. Whitmore, Jonathan French and Joseph R. Fischer
273 The Effects of Bright Light and Nighttime Melatonin Administration on Cardiac Activity Tracey Sletten, Helen Burgess, Natasha Savic, Saul Gilbert and Drew Dawson
279 Evaluation of a Fatigue Model Using Data from Published Napping Studies Adam Fletcher and Drew Dawson

Well-being and Health

Page Title Author
287 Shiftwork, Age and Well-being: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives Mikko Härmä and Irja Kandolin
295 Different Job Demands of Nightshifts in Hospitals Charles Gadbois
301 Beliefs about Age and Physical Demands of Work in Shiftworkers Ljiljana Kaliterna, Zvjezdana Prizmiælarsen and Tihana Brkljaeia
307 Age and the Subjective Experience of Shiftwork Lawrence Smith and Carl Mason
315 Evaluation of a Fast Forward Rotating Shift Schedule in the Steel Industry with a Special Focus on Ageing and Sleep Tarja Hakola and Mikko Harma
321 Searching for Preventive Measures of Cardiovascular Events in Aged Japanese Taxi Drivers ? The Daily Rhythm of Cardiovascular Risk Factors during a Night Duty Day - Makoto Hattori and Yasushi Azami
327 Work Schedules in Health Care in France: Very Few Changes between 1991 and 1998, according to National Data Madeleine Estryn-Behar, Lydie Vinck and Jean-François Caillard
333 Gender and Sleep in Nightworkers: a Quantitative Analysis of Sleep in Days Off Lúcia Rotenberg, Luciana F. Portela and Renata A. Duarte
339 Effects of Shift Changes on Female Workers at a Dish Factory Toshio Hirose, Yumiko Tada and Mitsuo Hasegawa
345 The Impact of Unwaged Domestic Work on the Duration and Timing of Sleep of Female Nurses Working Full-time on Rotating 3-shift Rosters Gemma Clissold, Peter Smith and Bruce Acutt
351 Effects of Stress on Psychophysiological Parameters of Electricity Distribution Network Controllers in Ukraine Natalia Bobko
357 Daily and Yearly Burnout Symptoms in Israeli Shift Work Residents Orna Tzischinsky, Dov Zohar, Rachel Epstein, Nela Chillag and Pretez Lavie
363 Effects of Supervisor Support and Coping on Shiftwork Tolerance Anne Pisarski and Philip Bohle
369 Work Activities of Practical Nurses and Risk Factors for the Development of Musculoskeletal Disorders Mariana B.L. Gonçalves, Frida Marina Fischer,Màrcio Lombardi Jr. and Regiane M. Ferreira
375 Can We Consider Medical Residents as Shift Workers? Rachel Epstein, Orna Tzischinsky, Paula Herer and Peretz Lavie
381 Time of Day Type of Food ? Relation to Mood and Hunger during 24 Hours of Constant Conditions Anders Forslund, Jeanette Forslund and Maria Lennern?s Arne Lowden, Ulf Holmbäck, Torbjörn Åkerstedt,
387 A Cross-sectional Study of the Health Effects of Work Schedules on 3212 Hospital Workers in France: Implications for the New French Work Schedules Policy Claude-Michèle Poissonnet, Yuriko Iwatsubo, Mireille Cosquer, Marie-Antoma Quera Salva, Jean François Caillard and Momque Veron
393 Sickness Absence and Shift Work among Japanese Factory Workers Yuko Morikawa, Katsuyuki Miura, Masao Ishizaki, Hideaki Nakagawa, Teruhiko Kido,Yuchi Naruse and Koji Nogawa
399 Comparison of Psychosomatic Health and Unhealthy Behaviors between Cleanroom Workers in a 12-h Shift and Those in an 8-hour Shift Yuichi Yamada, Maki Kameda, Yuka Noborisaka, Hisa Suzuki, Maki Honda and Seiji Yamada
405 Health Conditions of Bus Drivers in a 6 Year Follow Up Study Giovanni Costa, Samantha Sartori, Patrizia Facco and Piero Apostoli

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