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Human ergology is aimed at studying the interactions between human nature and daily work and living behavior in changing environments. With the collaboration of researchers working in related fields, human ergology has evolved since the 1960s to further the understanding of these interactions and promote the application of the study results in enhancing the quality of life.

Humans have adapted to the environment of the earth for millions of years and continue to adapt to the living environments we have constructed for ourselves. There are many fields of human biology devoted to the study of how humans have adapted to recent rapidly changing living environments. These fields include anthropology, physiology, psychology, ergonomics, labor sciences, physical education, biomechanics, human living sciences, health sciences, rehabilitation, nursing, etc. Experienced researchers have been studying these fields in depth, but often not from the global point of view. Moreover, the nitch fields among the academic disciplines have not yet been developed sufficiently to become advanced fields of human biological studies.

The field of Human Ergology examines how the ordinary human behavior in daily work and living affects the human body and human nature in human evolution, and attempts to apply the acquired knowledge to our actual living for improving human well-being and the quality of daily work and life.

  • 1966 Research Group of Human Living Anthropology started in Tokyo.
  • 1969 Research Group of Human Ergology was founded by Nobuo Shinozaki and researchers from relevant fields.
  • 1969 The first meeting of the Research Group of Human Ergology was held in Tokyo.
  • 1970 Newsletter of the Human Ergology Society (Kaiho) No.1, edited by Atsushi Hayami et al., was published.
  • 1972 The periodical of the Society, the Journal of Human Ergology Vol.1, No.1, was launched.
  • 1976 International Symposium on"Impact of Industrialization and Ergonomics in Asia"was held in Tokyo.
  • 1977 International Symposium on"Effects of Modern Work Systems on Human Performance"was held in Tokyo.
  • 1985 Human Ergology Society was established (developed from the Research Group of Human Ergology).
  • 1996 International Symposium on "Human Work Systems" commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Human Ergology Society was held in Yokohama.

HES Annual conferences are important events for the Society's members and others who are interested in the Human Ergology field.

  • HES 50th Annualconference will be held on June 20-21,2015,at Osaka City University , Osaka

  • HES 43th East Regional conference: December 21, 2014, at Yokohama YMCACollege, Yokohama
  • HES 39th West Regional conference: December 6, 2014.

IF you have interested in these events, feel free to contact the secretary of the HES.

Secretary of the Human Ergology Society

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